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A Productive Year

It has been a productive year for LCS thus far.

LCS has successfully overhauled six power pack motors; five of which are in service, two with over 1,000 hours under their belts.

They have overhauled and upgraded 28 HVAC units, both late-style and new-style models. LCS has also provided a number of customers around the US with various transit parts and products, sourced from around the globe. In addition to their busy work-load, they have physically repaired and maintained rail HVACs at customers’ various maintenance facilities.


LCS has moved into a larger facility and brought on more employees. 

They are looking forward to what’s in store for 2019.

Insulation Matters

September 2018: Insulation Matters

LCS insists on changing out the insulation on all of their HVAC Overhaul Units.

Here is why it is a crucial step in the Overhaul process.

The manufacturers of HVAC Units still utilize insulation panels made of fiberglass, with a coating to prevent water damage. This is far from ideal. After a few years of a unit being in operation, this coating becomes worn and cracked, therefor making it susceptible to taking on water. When water is taken into this fiberglass insulation, it mildews quite quickly and is therefor contaminated.

Locomotive Climate Solutions addresses these issues by replacing it with a much higher quality, higher-end insulation. LCS insulation is lightweight, it will not crack, and it will long outlast the AC units themselves. It is water-repelling and mildew-resistant, and exceeds all ASTM fire and smoke protection requirements.

Locomotive Climate Solutions believes that insulation is a crucial step in the Overhaul process, as the quality of air you breathe is no small matter.

LCS 5 year contract

Locomotive Climate Solutions awarded 5 year contract with North County Transit District to
overhaul 25 MTU Power Packs in the amount of $5,999,981.40.

North County Transit District’s Invitation for Bid no. 26753 for 25 MTU Power Pack services was awarded to Locomotive Climate Solutions in the amount of $5,999,981.40 on September 30, 2017, shortly following LCS’s bid submission dated August 23, 2017.


LCS Contract Awarded

Locomotive Climate Solutions awarded 5 year contract with North County Transit District for A/C Overhaul & Refrigerant Upgrade Services in the amount of $816,650.00 November 22, 2017:

Locomotive Climate Solutions has begun upgrade and overhaul work on 50 A/C Units for North County Transit District. LCS was awarded this contract on September 7, 2017 per NCTD Invitation for Bid, dated July 28, 2017, No. 26898 for 25 Coaster 2500 Series Bi-Level Coach Cars Air Conditioner Overhaul and Refrigeration Upgrade services.

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