Locomotive Climate Solutions

does all repair and overhaul work in-house, utilizing the most current and technologically advanced testing and machining equipment. This allows LCS to accommodate varying customers’ needs from start to finish, customizing the scope of work to varying units’ needs.

LCS HVAC Overhaul generally includes the following:

  • Full assessment and diagnostics
  • Remove all insulation and parts from frame
  • Wash frame and all panels
    • Steel frame: rust removal, sandblast and paint frame
    • Replace all panels with stainless panels
  • Inspect/test all wiring, repair if needed
  • Clean and pressure-test evaporator
  • Clean and inspect drip pan and renew drip pan insulation
  • Condenser cleaning and coating
  • Overhaul/replace condenser motor
  • Overhaul/replace Blower Assembly
    • Overhaul/replace blower motor
    • Clean/replace entire unit, including bearings, blower wheel and balance
  • Clean and test heater unit
  • Replace all shut-off valves
  • Replace all vibration eliminators
  • Replace compressor(s)
  • Install new upgraded, approved, closed-cell foam insulation
    • To read more about the insulation process, and why LCS chooses to replace all insulation, Click here
  • Replace liquid line valves
  • Inspect/replace TX Valve and adjust accordingly
  • Replace filter dryer
  • Remove rust on control box if/when needed
  • Inspect and test all electronics
  • Replace check valve
  • Inspect and test pressure switch
  • Evacuate and pressure test system
  • Charge unit with appropriate refrigeration
  • Run test unit for minimum of 4 hours and confirm all systems are functioning optimally

The list of services Locomotive Climate Solutions offers is broad, custom-tailored to customers’ needs. Feel free to contact LCS offices for more information.

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